Coliving powered by crypto

A beautiful house for digital nomads, to bridge crypto with the real world.

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Cryptocurrencies give power back to internet users through transparent, decentralized and permission-less networks. As new use cases emerge, crypto gets more and more mainstream attention.

Crypto.coliving will validate applications of crypto beyond speculation: NFTs for fundraising, programmable money for operations, and tokens for governance.


Coliving is changing the way we live, work and connect with others. This lifestyle choice is gaining popularity as more people have the flexibility to work wherever they want.

The Arabic gem of Granada, a city in Spain which receives more than 3,000 hours of sun annually.

Granada is a compellingly beautiful city where serene Islamic architecture and Arab-flavoured street life go hand in hand with monumental churches, old-school tapas bars and hipster coffee shops.

The property: Moorish elegance.

The historical, Arab-style building has a large garden, pool and views towards the Alhambra in the very heart of Granada.




Square meters



WAGBAC: We’re All Gonna Buy A Casa

Become a member of the DAO and get one of the 10,000 NFTs from the crypto.coliving genesis collection made by our award-winning artist.

These NFTs give you voting power on key operational and financial decisions for the physical coliving, plus the exclusivity to stay there.

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Pyramid of traits of the NFTs as explained in see the paragraph)


Each of the 10,000 NFTs will have a randomly assigned rarity with the following extra perks:

  • 1 mythic: choose the name of the coliving
  • 10 legendary: choose the name of the rooms
  • 100 epic: super priority booking
  • 1000 rare: priority booking

Whitelisted members will have more odds for the lucky NFTs.

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Pie chart of the expenses

Target amount

The initial price of one NFT will be $330 to reach the target amount of $3,3m:

  • $2,250k: price of the property
  • $450k: current refurbishment estimate
  • $200k: professional fees
  • $100k: legal fees
  • $300k: 10% contingency

Whitelisted members will have priority to buy up to 10 NFTs.

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  • Raise funds to launch the coliving
  • Address legal aspects of buying real estate as a DAO
  • Renovate the property



  • Hire hosts to run the coliving
  • Accept and manage bookings on-chain
  • Stream payments



  • Member voting on key issues, e.g. coliving rules and treasury management
  • Voting rights are accummulated through staying at the coliving
  • Potential future growth, i.e. buying a second property

How do I join?



Join the community on Discord.

Do members share ownership of the property?



No. The property will be owned by a non-profit with the only purpose of following the decisions of the DAO.

What happens if not enough funds are raised?



If the target amount is not reached one month after launch, members will vote on what to do next (i.e. buy a different property or refund investment).

What happens if crypto goes down?



The project is only using a stablecoin called DAI. The value of one DAI is always around $1. No volatility.

What will the governance look like?



Governance will start when the coliving opens after renovations. Members will be able to submit and vote on proposals regarding key operational and financial issues (assigning roles, deciding on budgets, etc.).

How will the booking system work and what will be the prices?



Booking will be done on-chain, requiring users to hold one of the NFT in their wallet, and pay with crypto (DAI) for their stay.
Prices will range from 600€ for dorms to 1300€ for an ensuite double room, per person per month.

Aren’t NFTs bad for the environment?



Good question. The project builds on Gnosis chain, which is a climate positive blockchain.

What is the long-term plan?



You decide. The future direction of the coliving will depend only on its members. This membership is for life, and the hope is that members will make this coliving a success and possibly expand to other properties.